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Artero Blanc Shampoo


  • Intensifies black, gray and white colors.
  • Provides extra shine.
  • Hair is clean, soft and shiny from root to tip.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin or for frequent washings.
  • Provides protection for both the hair and skin.
  • Helps eliminate the yellowish and/or “rusty” tones
  • Use undiluted
  • Chamomile fragrance.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds.

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Directions of Use

When applying the product, we recommend following these steps:

→For best results untangle the hair before bathing

.→ Wet the area to be washed thoroughly.

→ Apply the shampoo and massage into a lather.

→ Rinse

→ Apply shampoo a second time, allowing the product to soak.

→ Rinse with plenty of water.


Retinol: This powerful antioxidant is able to prevent premature aging of the skin and make it more resistant to attack by external agents.

Zea Mays Oil: this moisturizer nourishes skin and hair giving great luminosity.

Pigments: penetrate the cuticle, fixing for a long time and supporting the natural colors of the hair.

Vitamin F: maintains natural defense barrier of the dermis.

Natural Horse-Chestnut: protection of both the skin and the external part of the hair.

Chamomile Extract: provides soothing principles to the dermis.

Est. D&C: eliminates yellowish tones, typical of white-haired breeds, fills it with luminosity and intensifies the black color.

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