Davis Premium Color Enhancing Shampoo


Whitens white coats and intensifies all coat colors

  • Optical brighteners whiten yellowed coats without bleach
  • Removes dulling dirt and grime yet easy to rinse
  • Fresh & Clean Fragrance 
  • For use on Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens

Davis Premium Color Enhancing™ Shampoo is formulated to intensify the natural sheen on all coat colors. It performs exceptionally well as a whitening shampoo, reviving dingy, yellowed coats without the use of bleach. This high sudsing, pH balanced and easy-to-rinse shampoo effortlessly removes dulling dirt and grime. Davis Premium Color Enhancing Shampoo leaves all coats with a brilliant glow and a light, fresh and clean scent. Makes up to 11 gallons.

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