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Hydra Eye & Face Cleaner


The Hydra Eye and Face Cleaner is a non rinse cleanser designed to safely and gently cleanse the regions around the eyes and muzzle.  Perfect for neutralizing bacteria and bad odors in between wrinkles and folds on the face. Our eye safe formula is ideal for removing secretions, staining and scabs around the eyes.

Active Ingredients:
No Actives

Fragrance Profile:
No Fragrance

Usage and Application:
Soak cotton or a soft cloth with Hydra Eye and Face Cleaner and gently wipe around desired areas, being sure to thoroughly wipe any creases or folds in the skin to remove bacteria and bad odor.  For large secretions or scabs, let product rest on the surface of affected area for a moment before wiping. Hydra Eye and Face Cleaner may also be transferred to a foaming bottle if you prefer a
lather application.

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