Hydra Senses Care Shampoo 33.8oz


Concentrated Formula (4:1)


  • Cotton Extract enhances moisturizing and emollience, creating intensified coat shine and softness
  • Lipoprotein Complex promotes deep hydration and recovery of the coat
    • Easy Rinse and Fast Drying
    • Fragrance Profile Oriental Gourmant, with notes of whipped cream, orange blossom, sandalwood and vanilla

Directions: Topical use.  Dilute 1 part of Senses Care Shampoo in 4 parts of water.

Wet the coat and spread the product massaging well until it forms a uniform lather and rinse.

If the pet is very dirty, pre-wash with Hydra Odor Neutralizing Shampoo.

To obtain a better result, apply the Senses Care Conditioner enriched with the Senses Care Moisturizing Booster.

Finish up with the Senses Care Cologne.

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