Hydra Senses Serenity Fortifying Booster


The Hydra Senses Serenity Fortifying Booster is a treatment additive meant to be mixed in with the Hydra Serenity Conditioner to enhance results and promote restructuring and repair to dry, damaged or frizzy coats.

Active Ingredients:

  • Vegetable Kerating that repairs and restructures dry, damaged or matted coats.

Fragrance Profile:

Warm fall tones with a sweet and woodsy aroma featuring notes of orange, lavendar, cinnamon, pink pepper, cedar and vanilla.

Usage and Application:

Pour Hydra Serenity Conditioner into Hydra Mixing Bowl until the bowl is about half-full (roughly 20 grams of conditioner) Add Hydra Serenity Fortifying Booster (10-20 drops) and mix thoroughly with spatula until conditioner and booster are fully integrated. Apply small amount of product between hands and rub hands together to warm up. Gently massage through coat and let rest briefly before rinsing.

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