Resco 3½” Utility Comb


  • These popular all purpose combs are great for precision work as well as touch up grooming
  • Two Mini Utility Combs: one with Medium Teeth Spacing #1091 and the #1090 with Fine Spacing
  • Mini combs are 3½” long and easily fit into your pocket or sleeve
  • Mini combs also have 1″ teeth to make them effective.
  • These larger combs have 1½” Teeth to get to the base of the thickest coats
  • RESCO® utility combs are made with the same quality and care as all of their other products
  • The pins are hand set and are tapered, hardened steel
  • Combs are nickel plated for durability and rust resistance
  • Shanks and pins are polished to remove all burrs
  • Tapered pins go into the coat easily and won’t snag the animal’s fur
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