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AARONCO Mutt Styling Guide by Chrissy Thompson


AARONCO Publishing

  • The first and only book of its kind
    Chrissy Thompson, gives groomers the opportunity to see 64 magnificent mutt makovers
  • Instructions on how to design creative solutions to unique mutt styling challenges
  • Helps the groomer to see the possibilities in each mutt, and to think “outside the box” when planning a look for a mixed breed dog
  • The Mutt Styling Guide shows the groomer how to correct a dog’s physical imperfections
  • Styles that convey the special personality that each individual mutt possesses
  • Contains 251 pages, and 293 illustrations by artist Denise Benko
  • As beautifully unique as each mutt it will help you make look its best
  • A must for every groomer’s library

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