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Artero Ionized Carbon Towel


  • Dog and cat towel that is ultra-absorbent and ionized to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and bad odors.
  • 5 times more effective than drying with a cotton towel.
  • Great absorption power capable of quickly removing a large amount of water from the coat before drying.
  • Cooling blanket effect: stays hydrated and cool for hours.
  • Capable of reducing drying time by 50%.
  • Size: 13″ x 33.5″
  • It must always be kept moist and should be stored after use in the zippered bag in which it comes packaged.
  • If it dries out, it will become stiff, in which case it should be re-moistened to regain its flexible state.
  • Hand or machine wash, maximum 30C.

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How to Use as a Drying Towel:
Wrap the wet area of the animal and apply a gentle pressure, rub until the excess of water is totally absorbed.
If the amount of water is bigger than the capacity of absorption of the towel, wring it on top of a container where the excess liquid can fall.
The towel will immediately recover its total absorption capacity.

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 8 in
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