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B3 40:1 Luxury Shampoo


  • Relaxing and aroma therapeutic
  • Hypo allergenic synthetic blend of eucalyptus and spearmint
  • Rich lather helps cleanse, whiten and restore skin and coat
  • Provides optical brighteners for all coat types and colors
  • Lifts and cuts grease, stains,oil and organic residue
  • Will not change coat texture or leave a residue
  • Perfect for weekly baths or removing show products
  • Salon and handler favorite
  • Safe for dogs, cats and horses over 6 weeks old
  • Not intended for full strength use – Dilution options:
    • Soft water 40:1
    • For hard water 35:1
    • For cutting through grease and ear medications 20:1
    • Regardless of dilution remember to use distilled water if you plan to store or travel with remainder of unused shampoo. We always recommend to mix for the day.
  •  Massage and distribute through wet coat and rinse thoroughly

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Weight 46 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 in

8oz, Gallon, 5 Gal Bucket

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