Groomer’s Helper Starter Set


The Number 1 Pet Safety and Positioning System on the market.

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  • This is satisfactory for 1 groomer and one table
  • Stops The Biters!
  • No More Head Droppers!
  • No More Spinners!
  • Groom Safer!
  • One person can do most nail clips!
  • You will wonder how you ever groomed without it.
  • Starter Set-Up Instructions
Already own the starter set? Want to upgrade to the Groomer’s Helper Professional Set? Just order the upgrade kit and you’re all set!

PLEASE NOTE: Owners of Non-standard sized tables (Edemco, PetEdge or Homemade tables) where the edge that the clamp hooks on is 2-3″ thick will need to upgrade to the larger clamp. Please mark the appropriate item below. If not you will receive the standard clamp which will fit a maximum width of 1 1/4″

Groomers Helper Starter Set includes:

  • 1 Groomers Helper® Clamp
  • 1 Groomers Helper® Loop
  • Directions and a training video
  • NOTE: Groomers Helper Sets do not include grooming table, grooming arm or table clamp.