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Hydra Moisturizing Conditioner


The Hydra Moisturizing Conditioner is ideal for daily use in the professional grooming salon or for groomers and handlers competing. The signature fragrance and ultra hydrating formula assists in promoting healthy coat growth, enhancing natural shine, assisting in the removal of dead undercoat and soothing dry itchy skin.

Active Ingredients:
•Oatmeal Extract helps reduce coat breakage and split ends by smoothing the cuticles. Dry, damaged coat is hydrated, revitalized and naturally shiny.

•Grapeseed Oil promotes moisture retention in skin and hair, while also promoting healthy coat growth and skin care.

Fragrance Profile:
Notes of Citrus, Peach, Jasmine and Amber

Usage and Application:
Dilute conditioner (10:1) with Hydra Mixing Bottle and apply to
coat. Massage through coat thoroughly. Rinse thoroughly and
then begin drying process.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 12 in

33.8oz, 169oz

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