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Hydra X-Treme Clarifying Shampoo


Hydra X-Treme Shampoo is ideal for daily use in the professional grooming salon or for groomers and handlers competing. This deep cleansing formula is perfect for removing heavy dirt, bad odors and excess oils from the coat. This formula leaves the coat with a dry texture, making it ideal for preparing the coat for hand stripping or easy scissoring and styling.

Active Ingredients:
•Mint Extract assists in soothing dry itchy skin, regulating
natural oils and is often used for its anti bacterial properties that can help to reduce acne.

Fragrance Profile:
•Notes of Citrus, Peach, Rose, Chamomile and Sandalwood

Usage and Application:
Dilute shampoo (4:1) with Hydra Mixing Bottle and apply to coat.  Massage through coat thoroughly until a uniform lather is achieved.  Rinse thoroughly and follow up with your favorite Hydra Conditioner.

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