iGroom Perfume Eau de Toilette (Cologne)


100 mL

  • Banana – The smell of banana.
  • Bliss – Mild sweet, addictive and long-lasting perfume perfectly for your four-legged friends.
  • Capri of Island – Aromatic, Green, Woody and Fresh Spice
  • Darling – Floral, almost like puppy soft scent, but not overpowering – balanced and sophisticated.
  • Evergreen – Unique fresh scent that’s sure to be noticed and stand out. Suitable for all breeds, so addictive and long-lasting, fresh evergreen.
  • Fabulous – Delicate, smoky veil of citrus that soothes over a long day.
  • Figue De Lait – The sunny freshness of fig leaves, softened by the fullness of citrus smells and a harmony of musky fig milk.
  • Happy – Fantastic blend of fresh floral notes, a joyful and irresistibly fresh fruity floral fragrance matching iGroom new 50:1 SE Shampoo
  • Holiday 1 – Holiday scent, with Pine, Cranberry and Cinnamon elements.
  • Holiday 2 – Holiday scent, with Caramel, Vanilla, Cookie and Cinnamon elements.
  • Love Me  –  blends sensual florals, amber and creamy musk
  • Lux  – Beautiful floral bouquet heart of lily accord blended with freesia and enhanced with a pretty musky base.
  • Mango Tango  –  Deshed & Detangle scent
  • Pleasia 1 – Crisp freshness of Verbena, a sparkling bouquet of green leaf and leafy spearmint are infused with petals of fresh blossoms, white amber and cedarwood.
  • Pleasia 2 – Madagascar vanilla and layers of pure essential oils. Hailed as the world’s first healthy fragrance, relying on natural technology that infuses organic sugar cane alcohol with skin-saving botanicals and antioxidants for a modern twist on the classic art of perfumery.
  • Rose Garden – Fresh Blended Thousands of Roses, unforgettable with Love!
  • Shiso Neroli – A luxurious mélange of sun-drenched shiso leaf.  Imagine coastal paradise with a blend of Italian bergamot, petitgrain bigarade, lemon, and mandarin.
  • Spring – The smell of heavenly Spring
  • Sweet Petals  –  Squeaky Clean scent
  • Tropical Fruit – A joyful, solar aura blending citrus, cream & orange blossom
  • Vanilla Flower – (Discounted)
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