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Stazko Conditioning Spray


  • Dematting spray, anti-static conditioning spray and finishing spray for all coats
  • Cuts dematting and detangling time in half.
  • Light and medium tangle coats go right to bathing, no pre-brushing needed
  • Coats will stay cleaner and tangle free longer
  • Helps remove dead undercoat quickly
  • Becomes a knot preventative when used regularly during brush outs.
  • If you have a power bathing system (Pump action) try adding 1 oz. to clean water as a
    final rinse on those large, double-coated breeds
  • Used in the grooming competition ring for static because it does not weight the coat
    down and gives body for scissoring, while removing static.

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Weight 9.15 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in

8oz, 32oz, Gallon

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