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AARONCO Cat Grooming Guide 3rd Edition by Sam Kohl


Grooming industry legend, Sam Kohl, explains why grooming cats will increase groomers’ income and how to do it safely. Chapters include: Why Groom Cats, The business of Cat Grooming, Marketing Strategy, Retailing, Bonding with the Cat Owner, Cat Anatomy, Understanding Cats, Cat Attitudes, Body Language, Reading Facial Expressions, Determining Cat’s Sex, Recognizing Cat Personalities, Proper Methods for Receiving & Handling Cats, The Core Foundation of Skills & Techniques for Proper Grooming, Dematting, Stripping, Bathing, Drying, Finishing Touches, Step-by Step grooming instructions for the Longhair Breeds, Shorthair Breeds, including the Lion Clip. Plus instructions for the Sanitary Clip, and a Haircut for a Longhair Cat.

This new grooming classic contains 184 pages, 149 black and white illustrations, 58 full-color drawings and 16 new color photographs, from world-famous ©Chanan Photography

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