Tool Klean UV Sanitizer


Tool Klean Anti-Microbial UVC Light Oven Pro Sanitizer includes extra bulb (value $24.95)

  • Kills 99.9998% on hard to kill bacteria such as Staph and Salmonella
  • Use on all materials, metal, plastic, rubber 
  • No liquids, no heat, no mess
  • 8,000 hrs of use before bulb efficiency diminishes
  • Easy to use digital timer
  • 2 stainless steel shelves
  • Wall mountable
  • Light shuts off when opening the door for safety
  • Tight-fitting polarized door, no UV exposure
  • Sturdy commercial-grade casing
  • Mirrored interior increases germ kill
  • Produced in the US, EPA /FCC certified
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