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Wahl KM10 Clippers


Engineered with a brushless motor and corded power, the KM10 keeps you efficient on your busiest days without overheating. Its innovative constant speed control technology maintains cutting power and torque to tackle even the thickest coats without worry. An ergonomic and lightweight body reduces hand and wrist fatigue, offering complete comfort for extended use. With two speeds (3,000 SPM and 3,7000 SPM), easily switch from high-to-low for trims and fast, full-body grooming. The KM10 is a must-have clipper that runs quietly to keep all animals comfortable, including your noise-sensitive clients.

  • The ergonomic, lightweight and balanced body of the corded clipper prevents wrist fatigue and provides constant power during your busiest days
  • Constant Speed Control automatically delivers more power and torque, never slowing you down on any coat type – thick, matted, curly, or coarse.
  • 2-speed (3,000 SPM and 3,700 SPM), heavy-duty professional clipper is designed to tackle all animal coats with ease for more efficient grooming.
  • The lightweight and ergonomic design reduces wrist fatigue for comfortable clipping all day, even on your busiest days.
  • Backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in

Berry, Black, Turquoise

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