Recommendations for Home Groomers

If you just want to trim or groom your own pet, you’ve probably asked these questions: Which clipper do I need? What blades? What scissors? What do I really need? WHY? If any of these questions come to mind, fear not. We can help. If you’re tired of the “junk” equipment you get at those discount stores that never really work, we can help. Here are some of our “best choice” recommendations to help you decide what you really need.

A Little-Known Industry Secret:
Pet Grooming, Vets, Barber/Beauty… Most of the professional equipment used in each of these industries is essentially the same. Usually, only the packaging is different. So yes, the clipper you use on your dog, or horse, or whatever, may be the same clipper you use on yourself or your child.

Hint: Equipment packaged for the Dog/Pet Grooming industry is almost always cheaper than equipment packaged for any other industry. Why? Who knows? Don’t ask. Just take advantage of it…

If you have any more specific questions, feel free to contact us.


Andis AG2 Two Speed Clipper – This is a professional clipper for the serious pet groomer; you can use it for everything.

Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Clippers – If you want that “Show-Finish” look, this is it. The extra-high speed gives a smoother cut for super thick hair – like on Cockers, Chows, etc.

Andis Clippers are durable, very quiet, and very low maintenance. Both of these clippers can use the full assortment of Andis blades.

Note: A quiet clipper is more calming and less stressful for the animal and you, making grooming a faster and easier event for all.


Blades vs Clip-On Combs:
Andis Clippers all come with a #10 blade, the standard size of the industry. Most clip-on-combs work well with this blade. For a smoother cut with a clip-on-comb, use a #40 blade under the comb instead of a #10 blade. For specific longer length of general cutting, clip-on-combs work fine. For “Show Cuts”, use actual longer blades for a better finish cut.

Blades come in Regular (skip tooth) or Finish Cut (FC) styles.

Andis 3 3/4 Skip Tooth Blade – Regular blades give a faster, better cut through thick hair.

Andis 7 FC Blades – Finish cut blades are a little slower, but give a smoother cut.

Andis T84 Blade – Great for body cuts. Extra-wide blade goes over large areas quickly. The T84 blade works best on high speed of 2-Speed or Super 2-Speed Clipper. A Super 2-Speed with a T84 blade can replace the standard heavy and awkward “Large Animal Style Clippers”.


For Light/General Trimming: Anvil USA Scissors – Stainless Steel, inexpensive, good quality. Usually more than adequate for home, kennel or stable uses.

For Show Cuts/Heavy Duty Use: Heritage Scissors – Very high quality stainless steel. These will probably be the last scissors you will ever need – they’re that good!